Coffee Bean Dispenser is manufactured by Kuban Makina. Faucet, lid and rotating column parts of PSS100 are made of copper plated stainless steel metal sheet and its body material is plexiglass.
The product consists of support leg and 4 stand-alone cylindrical coffee bean dispensers. The support leg can be mounted to counter top. Thus, the product ensures that both convenience for you and adding elegancy to your coffee shop.
Each coffee bean dispensers can be filled with different types of coffee beans. Coffee beans are filled by opening the lid located on upside of the dispenser. Moreover, you can get coffee beans by turning faucet situated on the coffee bean outlet.
Under favour of its structure, coffee beans are preserved against external factors which can affect freshness of coffee beans such as damp, air and etc.
This tubular silo is perfect solution for dispensing and displaying coffee beans in your shop. In addition, rotating cylindrical coffee bean dispensers are suitable to store all kinds of granular foods as well as coffee beans.

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